What are the benefits of insoles?

Here at Sporting Feet we get lots of interested customers asking about our range of insoles and how they could potentially benefit them. 

Firstly, it’s important to understand that people’s feet have different arch- types, on a scale between low arch, medium arch and high arch. 

Not sure what your arch type is? Don’t worry, we can check that in store with our digital foot scanner. 

An insole suited to your specific arch-type will give a better contact throughout the base of the shoe, so that when your arch flexes, the insole is there to assist it. 

By having this constant contact, weight is distributed more evenly throughout the foot when you walk and run. The foot is usually more relaxed  and this reduces the risk of overusing certain areas, for example; plantar fasciitis can develop from overuse of the heel, forcing the Plantar Fascia (the main ligament that runs through the base of your foot) to become irritated – nasty stuff! 

Back pain, knee pain and Achilles tendonitis are also other injuries that can be improved with the use of an insole. 

Other benefits of insoles include better alignment and improved heel cushioning, both of which can help reduce the rate of fatigue, maintain performance and improve comfort. 

Sporting Feet stock a great range of insoles to suit a variety of purposes. Our CurrexSole and Sole (heat mouldable) insoles are designed to fit into running or other sports shoes such as tennis or netball. Our Sidas insoles are thinner, so can be used in lower volume shoes like work shoes, making that long commute more comfortable. 

So whether you’re just getting started or you’re weeks out from your ‘umpteenth’ marathon, pop in any time for some expert advice and your free foot scan.