Gripping stuff: our guide to which grips work best for different tennis court surfaces

The two main surface categories for tennis courts are hard courts and more ‘slippery’courts such as clay, shale and synthetic clay grass.

The main features to look for in tennis shoes are cushioning, durability and the grip pattern.

What are the benefits of insoles?

Here at Sporting Feet we get lots of interested customers asking about our range of insoles and how they could potentially benefit them. 

Firstly, it’s important to understand that people’s feet have different arch- types, on a scale between low arch, medium arch and high arch. 

Not sure what your arch type is? Don’t worry, we can check that in store with our digital foot scanner. 

How to get kids active

It’s a fantastic thing when a child discovers a sport they love. When curiosity turns into passion and dreams are cultivated.  As a parent you take enormous pride and joy from watching them progress and nurturing their talent.

But what happens when this process does not occur so naturally? 

Essential stuff to consider for your first marathon

The most important piece of kit you’ll need for training for and running a marathon is without doubt your shoes. Finding a pair that feel comfortable and support you correctly is crucial to running over a long period of time.

Make sure you have your gait analysed by a specialist shop and buy a pair with the correct amount of support. Remember that your feet will expand when you exercise so expect to get a pair at least half a size bigger than your everyday shoes.


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