Jimmy Hall, Putney manager, puts Nurvv run smart insoles to the test

The Nurvv run smart insoles are a top of the range insole which are placed beneath the footbed of your running  shoes  and give feedback on how you are running, how to reduce injury risk, and how to improve technique. Being a very injury prone runner, I am always keen to try out anything that may help add more consistency to my running and was excited to give these a go. They did not disappoint.

When I first unpacked the Nurvv run smart insoles, I was a little worried the insoles would change the feel in my shoes, but after taking them out of the package I knew this would not be an issue as they were ultra-thin and lightweight. The process of fitting the insoles, charging them, and downloading the app was all very easy and simple and in no time at all I was ready to get out for a run in them.

After returning from my run, I was able to use the app to look at all the metrics, the most interesting to me being foot strike and pronation. I have been plagued with Achilles issues for the last few years and have always thought this was just due to a general weakness in my calves. However, on review of the data on my pronation on each foot it showed me that I was rolling in much more on my right side (where my Achilles problem is worse) and was landing more on my heel on this side, compared to the left foot. It was interesting to learn that this could be one of the main contributing factors to my Achilles issues. The app also gave me some great tips on exercises to do to help prevent the over-pronation, which have proved very effective in strengthening weaker areas.

Another useful feature is that after I had been using the insoles for a few weeks, and once enough data has been uploaded from the runs, the app provided me with a general health score. This enabled me to understand if I was under or over-training and helped to motivate me as I wanted to maintain a score high. Furthermore, I was impressed with the live coaching updates. These were in-run audio cues, visual and touch feedback which helped me to keep on pace. The tailored tips and exercises really helped me to improve my technique and performance. 

Overall, I have been highly impressed with the insoles. They provide all the standard metrics that a Garmin watch has, such as map track, time elapsed, distance run, pace and elevation, and then more. The feedback they gave me on pronating more on the right side is something I would otherwise not have known and something a watch could not have shown me. Finally, the insoles are providing the data for cadence and step length directly from your feet, which you would think is more accurate than other sport watches that provide this data, but from a wrist-based position. If you are looking to purchase a watch to give you more insight into your training, it is definitely worth considering the Nurvv insoles as a different alternative, as they provide all the same data, and more, for a very similar price.

You can buy NURVV Run Smart Insoles here or in-store.



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