Currex RUNPRO running insoles, low arch


currex RUNPRO insoles are available in three arch profiles (high, medium and low) each designed to work with your specific foot type whilst respecting the expensive features of your shoe.

Don’t put up with niggling pains or discomfort. Swap your normal running shoe insoles for currex RUNPRO insoles.

currex RUNPRO running insoles have helped over 50,000 runners in the last 4 years alone.

currex RUNPRO insoles can reduce running stresses like blistering, aches & pains, shin splints, plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis by efficiently guiding your feet from foot strike right through to toe-off.

currex RUNPRO insoles help to maintain good foot posture which in turn enhances your body’s natural ability to attenuate shock. 

When running your foot has a natural pathway it moves along – our running insoles help you to maintain that pathway as they create the ultimate fit solution: enhancing comfort, feel, function and performance.

Customise your running shoes

Running shoes vary in their fit, feel and levels of support, however running shoe insoles are mass produced and offer very little cushioning or support. And that is where our high quality running insoles the RUNPRO really make a difference. 


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Sport Specific
  • Dynamic Arch Technology
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Forefoot Propulsion
  • Breathable
  • Odour Reducing

Technical features:

  • Deep heel cup: for a better in-shoe fit.
  • Triple layers for optimum moisture wicking: fewer blisters thanks to the specially developed mid-layer.
  • 3D DAT for natural foot guidance: dynamic arch technology made from silver Nylon 6 composite.
  • PROPO+ for maximum rebound: dynamic propulsion thanks to special forefoot material.
  • Medium Rebound PORON cushion: outstanding performance cushioning during initial foot contact.
  • Decoupled heel for reduced pronation: noticeable advantages during foot strike.
  • Weight: 40g/1.41oz.

Size guide:
XS = 2 - 3.5   S  = 4 - 5.5     M   = 6 - 7.5

L  = 8 - 9.5   XL = 10 - 11.5   XXL = 12 - 14