Enertor custom orthotics, Men's


Fully customised insoles for running, walking and other sports shoes.

Ideal for those wanting 100% customisation, improving comfort and helping prevent injury.

Features and specifications:

  • Full length insoles with a top layer of cushioning that makes them both supportive and extremely comfortable too. These insoles will also help control over-pronation or supination
  • Endorsed by Usain Bolt
  • Created using a 3D scanning technology ensuring they are made to the exact dimensions of each foot
  • 20 minute consultation involving full gait test and
  • 3D footscan
  • £200 per pair including consultation delivered in 10 working days (express service in 3 days for an extra £40)
  • Guaranteed for 3 years

Please ask in-store for further details or to book your appointment.