Joma Top Flex 301 AstroTurf/Indoor Boots, Men's


Harnessing exclusive patented technology, the Joma Top Flex 301 is flexibility for your foot. 

Uses three exclusive technologies that adapt each player's unique needs. 

The flexible upper and the insole supply the sole with all the flexibility your foot needs. 

Pulsor System: three pieces located in the front and rear, the Pulsor System helps absorb impact and boosts thrust. 

Joma Sport's exclusive Technology 360: the shoe adapts to your foot's contours, providing superb stability and prevents injuries caused by the gap between the foot and shoe. 

The sole is made with pre-moulded phylon, making it ideal for indoor sports. 

Sectioned rubber, which is lighter in the forefoot, is stitched and double glued on the base.