Compeed Mixed Blister Plasters Five-Pack


Compeed Mixed Blister Plasters are the complete solution to foot blisters, containing blister plasters in various sizes to suit blisters on different parts of the foot.

The five-pack of plasters includes 2 x Blister Medium, 2 x Blister Small and 1 x Blister on toes.

Ideal for you, your family and the first aid kit.

Further details:

  • Deep cushioning relieves pressure and prevents painful rubbing.
  • Ultra adhesive and tapered edges enables Compeed plasters to flex with movement and stay in place for several days.
  • Translucent edges blend with the skin
  • Form fitting waterproof and breathable design keeps natural moisture in and germs out for faster natural healing.
  • Uses hydrocolloid technology, a gel with moisture absorbing particles.
  • Thick cushioning redistributes pressure from the blister to deliver instant pain relief.
  • Compeed plasters have a tapered edge so they contour smoothly with the skin’s surface, minimising friction and therefore ensuring the healing process is not disrupted.