Currex AcePro Tennis & Indoor Court Insole, Medium Arch


The Currex AcePro dynamic insoles are ideal for tennis, netball and all indoor court shoes. 

They are specially tailored for use in tennis, netball and indoor court sports.

Feature forefoot padding has been extended through to the big toe to cope with additional torsion/twisting stress in that area

Extra ventilation has been added to the forefoot area because tennis and indoor court footwear and socks are less breathable than running ones 

Slightly firmer EVA to deal with the stiffer footwear and added stress of the material - an AcePro insole will last longer in a Tennis shoe than a Runpro.

Grip has been added to the lateral forefoot and rearfoot to ensure the foot stays in optimal contact.

The material is designed to “grab” and hold better to tennis socks.


  • Perfect fit: for more stablity
  • Super grip: for ultimate control
  • Comfort & breathing: for less fatigue
  • Heel damping: for more shock absorption
  • Anatomica L support: for dynamic stability and less fatigue
  • Return pad: for a powerful kick