Compressport R2V2 Compression Calf Guards


The Compressport R2V2 Compression Calf Guards come with an ergonomic tab, K-protect, which supports the patellar tendon and shields your knees from vibrations, cutting them by 8%.

They limit pains and aches, both during and after extertion, therefore delaying fatigue and speeding recovery. 

Total performance is guaranteed over ultra-long distances.

Latest version.


  • Version 2 of the world's best selling calf guard
  • Features seamless multi-gradual compression and superb durability and strength
  • Reduces build-up of lactic acid during effort
  • Minimises muscle vibration, boosts performance and helps prevent injury
  • Makes legs feel fresher and last longer
  • Features the K-protect ergonomic tab for additional knee support

Sizing guide:

These are measurements of the circumference of the calf at its widest part.

  • T1 (small) 30-34cm
  • T2 (medium) 34-38cm
  • T3 (large) 38-42cm
  • T4 (XL) 42-46cm