Choosing your shoe size

Choosing your shoe size

Please check the size chart below for the conversions between UK, European and US sizes for both men and women.

We recommend that you choose a half size up from your regular day shoe size in sports shoes if you are a man with a shoe size up to a UK 9 or a women with a shoe size up to a UK 8. Men with a shoe size of 9.5 and upwards should normally take a full size higher in a sports shoe. 

This is because your feet expand when you exercise.  Also, when you run, your toes will push forward and spread out when you ‘toe off’, so you need some room in sports footwear to allow for that.

A good test is to make sure that there is half a thumb’s to a full thumb’s width between the end of your longest toe and the shoe.  Remember many of us have one foot a bit longer than the other, so make sure there is half a thumb’s width of room for the longer foot, if that applies to you.

All sizes on this website are in UK sizes.