What is my shoe width?

What is my shoe width?

Most sports footwear comes in a regular width. That is a D width for men and a B width for women.

If you think you have wide feet then do look out for wider fitting footwear on our site. They are clearly marked.  For Men an extra width fitting is a 2E fit and for Women a D fit.  It is possible to get a 4E fit for men too, but we recommend you contact us if you think this may apply to you.

To get a really good fit in footwear it is important to consider width as well as length.

Your shoes should fit comfortably width-wise.  If your feet look like they bulge out from the sides of your shoes and you ever get any blistering at the edges of your feet or any soreness after a run, then you may need a wider fitting shoe.

In general, in running shoes, we consider adidas and asics shoes to be a good fit for people with regular width feet or even for people with slightly narrow feet.

Brooks, New Balance and Saucony footwear often fit people with a regular to slightly wider foot.

If you do have wide feet then you are likely to need an extra width fitting shoe.

If you are not sure about your foot width, please do contact us.